Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miami.. it is our turn!!

Whats going on people!!!

 It has been a minute since I have made a post, as some of you know I was running for office, and there area lot of rules with that about blogs, etc…. so anyway I’m back!!!

On to the new post…
I got the idea for this post from someone on Facebook who posted a video they made to parody the new C-Lo Green song: “F-You.”   Here is the original song:… beware it is the explicit version:  

Ok, so now that you know where our starting point is we will continue.  So this school, I believe it was GWU made a parody of this song, and related it to law school.  I will admit it is pretty funny, the first line is as follows:

“I see you with your hand up in every single class..and I’m like F-you…
I guess straight A’s first semester made you and ass… and I’m like F-you…”
So yea, take a look:


Ok, so here is the thing, I was talking to someone and they told me that GWU does this all the time. So I began to think… why? Not why do they do it, but why don’t WE do it. (For those of you who don’t go to The U, I am talkin about The University of Miami School of Law.  I say we get together, and do something… not just talk about doing it, but actually do it.  The first thing we need to do is find a song, the question I ask is which song?.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motivation... or lack therof

About a month or so into the semester, and I am sure we all feel pretty much the same… unmotivated.  Law School is a gift and a curse.  There is only 1 graded assignment so therefore that last week of finals is SERIOUS!  Time like this I wish I would have someone like Leroy Smith.
Wait…did you say who is Leroy Smith!?  Only one of the most influential motivators in history.. the man who motivated Michael Jordan to be a great basketball player.  This man was chosen over Michael Jordan on his High School Basketball team.  He even has a video…

 Hillarity to say the least

         But back to what I was saying.  Personally I have a serious lack of motivation, and I honestly believe this one test a semester is part of it.  That along with the fact that we all just got grades back, and realized how much work we did and comparing to what grade we got.  Others have good grades, and feel like they don't have to do as much.  If you don't fit in either of these  But if you are like me... you do! 

        Don't get me wrong.  I won't pretend that I do not study at all, yadayadayada... cause I do.  I woke up early today to study, but did I stay up all night to do the reading....NO.  Do I care a little less than I did in the begining of the year...maybe.  I guess to sum it up... "Everybody needs a little Leroy Smith."  I know I sure do. 

Watch the video... if nothing else to procrastinate for another 3 minutes... oh, and make sure to leave me some comments! (And Shout-Out to Ms. Loftin for the blog idea!)