Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And the Geeks Shall Take Over the World

I honestly feel like there was a conference with all the nerds in the world, and they realized that law school would be an excellent place for a person to reinvent themselves and become cool.  The worst part about this, is it works. 
I have no actual proof to this, however, looking around the law campus, I am positive that most people who a “reasonable person” would consider cool were NOT cool in High School, or even College.  Diving even deeper into this topic, those who were cool in their adolescent years come to law school and become average, some even disliked.  There seems to be a paradigm shift once 1L year begins. ( For the non-nerds 1L is the first year of law school).  Now nothing is necessarily wrong with this shift.  In reality, most of us may have benefited from it. (Some may even believe that I have benefited from it)  Those who did not benefit from this shift... learn to adapt.  If you still don't get it think about it....
The nerd who was quite awkward, but had moderate social skills, he is one of the most popular kids in the school.  The girl who was too cool for the nerds are running up to them asking for outlines, and notes.  And the cool kid who was too cool to talk to the nerds is in a very lonely place now.  Oh, and the bullies, dumb jockes, and habitual slackers and underachievers… not many of them made it to Law School so that opened the door for the Nerds to walk on through. (This also means that those who you think are pushovers, or slow, or shouldn't be in law school have you fooled, because you had to be smart to get here... but that is for another post!) Sure there are outliers, and to every rule there is some type of exception, shoot, you could be that exception. However, when I am right, I am right.
Nerds, especially in Miami, are able to capitalize on this situation, but that also, is for another post!

This is Miami Law

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  1. Good to see I finally have some followers now! This post has had mixed reviews, which I figured would happen. However, this blog was not meant to be mean spirited at all, hope no one took it that way! You know I have love for everyone. Nerds, and non-nerds alike. Oh, and I have no comments on here. Comments are fun, use them!