Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I will take anybody's money if they are giving it away!" -Senator Clay Davis

The first semester here has taught me many things, one of these things is the fact that people out here have dough! Not money…but dough! (a lot of money)  This city is filled with great places to go out, and amazing restaurants/clubs/etc. But the problem is you gotta have money to be a part of it. 

This leaves a few options for us starving law students:

There is the splurging strategy…We have all learned this strategy from when any of us had jobs and got the Friday pay check, or even better… the tax refund!    The beginning of the semester is the happiest times for most law students with loans.    For those of you who were lucky enough to have no loans let me school you:
You are teased for weeks waiting to see when the loans will post, and then you get the email saying something like:  “Law students  will receive their refund checks the week of January 5th…”  you don’t really read the rest of the email, you got what was important to you the date… or did you?  The following time is spent trying to decipher this email, and of course the office of financial aid has no answers for you when you call, so you sit back and then one day like Christmas…POOF! A refund check!

Now yes, this is a loan and you will have to pay it back with interest however… there are about 5 figures just deposited into your account…then the splurge begins.  I can name so many different things that money could be spent on. But one thing I do know is that money goes by super quick!  At this point you budget and realize it is near impossible to keep up with some of your rich classmates, and you start to pump the breaks. (As a side note why is Law School sooooo expensive!?... I guess that will be for another post!)

Still want to have the best of both worlds… there is an option  FREE FOOD!  Being a law student they throw the food at us. And as Senator Clay Davis said in The Wire, “I will take anybody’s money if they are giving it away!” (Same goes for me with food) So with that being said, to ease everyone’s pockets and to help keep some extra for those days we just NEED to go out and get it in! 

Here is one (or maybe two if you go twice!), and if anyone knows of others feel free to COMMENT, and let everyone know.  As a wise man said, “Share The Wealth!”

January 31st & February 1st:  12:30PM; Room E352; Moot Court Mandatory Info (you must go to one)

PS~ Of course the other option is don't go out, or just live within your means, etc.... but what is the fun in that!?
PSS~ When I get to 10 followers I will post a 1L best moments of 2010 list

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