Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who are you, and why create a blog?

At first I thought about going into a long philosophical analysis into what is in a name, and how do we know who anyone is bla bla bla, but I decided I would just say nothing.  Well, nothing about who I am .  Those who I asked to read my blog obviously know who I am, but my goal is for my name to somehow get lost, and become less important.  For those of you who don’t know me…even better.
Why create a blog?  I have no idea.  Boredom I guess. Not that I don’t have pgs. and pgs. of law assignments to read.  This brings me to my next point.  I am a 1L at The U, aka The University of Miami School of Law.  Oh, and by the way I honestly don’t think 1L year is as bad as “everyone” says, or even we pretend for it to be… but that is for another post!
I am not yet sure exactly what I will be talking about, however add some comments, and it should give me a good starting point.  This should be fun.
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  1. "not that I don't have pgs. and pgs. of law assignments to read" Lol my fave part! I completely agree-- reading still counts as boredom unless it involves Ghosts or the Constitution...wait no just ghosts. You have to break up the reading somehow or your eyes will permanently cross. It's pretty much a scientific fact.

    I think you should post more about mangos.


    Next class snack? I’ll bring the tortilla chips.


    Next cookie endeavor?

  2. Burgess! I agree, this should be fun, and I agree Mango's are delicious, and do deserve their own post, I will have to work on that. And those cookies looked greeeat! I honestly may try to make them tonight, except I have no idea what "cardamom" powder is, so it may not happen, I have everything else. Especially Mango's! I will definitely bring you one if I try it out. Thanks for following, buckle up this will be a bumpy ride!

  3. I have cardamom! Or I used to at least-- Lol tho trading spices on the bricks may be just a little too cool for school-- Cardamom can be hard to find sometimes-- it's in a lot of Indian dessert dishes, so I had it to make some Rice Pudding (Kheer), but it's been a while so I dunno if it goes bad or not lol but anyways it smells heavenly mmm :) night!!

  4. I just typed your name and deleted it in an effort to make your name "lost"... well lol, I think this will be a great blog, talking about the everythings and nothings of blogging, law school, and i guess life in law school.

    Anyway i will add this as a favorite and check on your blog.

    P.S. can you edit past posts? you put "For those for those of you who don’t know me…even better." For those 2x at the beginning of the sentence. Sorry it's the English major in me, :(... anyway, like i said, GREAT BLOG FUTURE

  5. I like comments, thanks for leaving one. Oh, and I have edited the past post. Thanks!